"Butterfly Effect" (バタフライエフェクト, Batafurai Efekuto) is the third episode of the Dokyuu Hentai HxEros anime.


Retto Enjou

Hoshino Kirara

Anno Jou

Momoka Momozono

Sora Tenkuji


Kirara joins the team as HxEros Yellow but, is unable to unleash her full potential in critical moments and allows the Kiseichuu to escape. The reason that Kirara keeps on failing is because of insufficient H-energy. Momoka Momozono, also known as Hxe Pink, scolds her by saying, “If you want to be a HERO, you have to think of erotic things every day!” But Kirara is unable to cast aside her shyness which makes Momoko even more irritated. Apparently, there is a reason why Momoka is getting so worked up about Kirara’s predicament.



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