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Kirara Hoshino (星乃 雲母, Hoshino Kirara) is the main female protagonist of Dokyuu Hentai HxEros.


Underneath a cute face was a typical tsundere-type personality with a hot-headed demeanor. She has feelings for her childhood friend Retto Enjou. She oftens denies having any erotical feelings due to embarassment, but she turns out to have the most feelings of Eros out of all five members.


Kirara is Retto's childhood friend. Having an outgoing personality when she was young, Kirara changed after she was attacked by a Censor Bug, to the point where she and Retto had drifted apart.


Retto Enjou: is her childhood friend. They were best friends but drifted apart after the attack of the aliens. She stopped talking to boys and stayed on her own. However, after holding hand with him several years later, she rekindles her feelings of both lust and love for him. Her daily attacks on Retto whenever he looked at her naked resulted in El Fail pummeling her mercilessly in retribution.

Momoka Momozono: When first time she meet Momoka, she was very jealous due to kirara's Beauty. She is also helping to build H energy of Kirara.

Sora Tenkuji: She'd only show her Secret to Kirara, due to Kirara accidentally get her Manga or Drawing book.




  • Her name means "Sparkle of the stars"
    • Based on the kanji that is used to spell her name, it can also means "Mica of the stars"
  • Her English dub voice actress (Brittany Lauda) is married to Retto's English dub voice actor (Matt Shipman) in real life.
  • Kirara's H-Energy measurement is 100.2MJ.[1]
  • She had sex with Retto in chapter 55
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