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Super-hxeros-anime.jpg This page contains Spoilers. Read at your own risk!

Retto Enjou (炎城 烈人, Enjō Retto) is the main protagonist of the Dokyuu Hentai HxEros series by Kitada Ryouma.


Retto Enjou is a nice person and isn't a pervert. He is in love with his childhood friend Kirara.


Retto Enjou and his childhood friend Kirara always play together and also Retto proposed Kirara in Chapter 24 of manga.


  • Kirara Hoshino: is shown to be Retto's first love. They have been friends since childhood and were very close. Kirara imagines all kinds of things when with Retto and also has feelings for him. Later on, she grew colder, and didn't talk to him much. [PS: They just couldn't be honest :V]
  • Anno Jou: is his uncle, and also the head of "Saitama Earth Defence Force", Retto doesn't like his appearance so much, because it's feminine. He likes to appear feminine.
  • Momoka Momozono: is also Retto's friend and member of Saitama Earth Difference force, she sometimes accidentally falls on Retto in Erotic condition.
  • Sora Tenkuji: is also one of Retto's friend and Member of Saitama Branch. When she sleeps, she comes to Retto's room by accidnet and sleeps with him.
  • Runba: Is Retto's pet dog.
  • Chacha: is helping Retto build his H Energy.